Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pludous and what does it offer??

Pludous is a workflow automation agency. We specialize in creating custom, fully-managed automation solutions to streamline your business processes. Our key offerings include turnkey automation, custom solutions, maintenance, expert consultancy, rapid deployment, and adherence to security and compliance standards.

What sets Pludous apart from other workflow automation agencies?

Pludous stands out in three key areas; People, Process, and Technology. Our expert-led teams provide tailored solutions, our process focuses on rapid, custom deployments, and our tech offers a fully hosted and managed platform to simplify your automation needs.

What is the pricing structure for Pludous' services?

We offer three pricing bands. Band 1 covers Hosting costs starting at $XX/month. Band 2 includes Hosting, a one-time Build cost, and Maintenance starting from a $XX Setup + $YY/month. Band 3 is an all-inclusive package with Hosting, Build, Maintenance, and a Retainer.

What's the value of the consultancy services provided by Pludous?

Our expert consultancy identifies gaps in your current workflow and recommends tailored automation strategies. This means you not only get a software solution but also a full-scale strategy to improve operational efficiency.

How quickly can Pludous implement a custom workflow for my business?

Pludous specializes in rapid deployment. This enables a swift transition from your existing manual processes to a streamlined, automated workflow, reducing time-to-value significantly.

How does Pludous ensure that the automated workflows are secure and compliant?

Pludous deploys its solutions directly into your hosting environment, thereby eliminating risks of data leakage and accidental sharing with other organizations. This ensures that your automated workflows are not just compliant but also adhere to the highest security standards.